[Paleopsych] Edmonton Sun: India: 150 Women Slay Barber for Black Magic

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Mon Oct 10 23:43:08 UTC 2005

India: 150 Women Slay Barber for Black Magic
Edmonton Sun (Canada), Oct. 6

HYDERABAD, India—Indian police arrested 67 women yesterday after a mob killed 
a barber suspected of practising black magic, an official said. Dozens more 
women were being sought by authorities.

The arrests came after the mob of about 150 women from the south Indian village 
of Muddireddypalli attacked the shop of a barber named Parvathalu on Tuesday, 
beating him and locking him inside before setting the building on fire, said C. 
Satyanarayana, a district official.

The villagers suspected he was practising black magic and held him responsible 
for the large number of deaths in the village in the past year, he said. The 
attack was prompted by the death of another woman earlier this week, the 
official said.

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