[Paleopsych] Pravda: Nazi Propaganda Is a New Fashion

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Over here we are having more of a problem
with applied corporatism, by people who
may have learned from the Nazi mistakes.

I say "may" because there are some things
that suggest they did not learn- about
front men who take themselves too seriously,
about starting wars, about being too obviously

Steve Hovland

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Nazi Propaganda Is a New Fashion

[Hitler is the most popular man in the world, living or dead, excluding
religious figures, with the lone exception of Mr. Jefferson. This will
many readers here as ridiculous or appalling, but the world's people as a
have even less intelligence than Mr. Mencken attributed to Americans, of
he famously stated (approx.) that no one ever went broke underestimating

[Hitler is mostly admired as some one who stuck it to the Establishment, as
high-school dropout who made it good and dissed his enemies. He is
admired in the Third World.]

[Who would be Hitler's competitors as the most admired man in the world?

[Stalin is admired in Russia as someone who would not brook nonsense and
restored discipline. He may edge out Hitler in Russia, but there aren't that
many Russians.

[Mao has few admirers, even in Red China.

[Kennedy is still admired in Latin America, and you'll still find
of him on the walls of hovels there. He meant hope for many Latin Americans.
recall a large photograph of Roosevelt II in the back of a furniture store
Charlottesville. This was around 1965, long after FDR died. He meant to the
owner of the store hope also.

[Certain religious figures, such as Jesus, Mohammed, and Buddha top Hitler
being admired, but what the historical figures were actually like is, of
course, the subject of endless dispute.

[Perhaps there are others as widely admired as Mr. Jefferson, but not as
as Hitler, but none come to mind. Washington, I don't think so, since he's
all that well-known in the Third World, which contains the bulk of humanity.

[I welcome discussion.]

    05:05 2005-10-04

    Russia has caught World War II fever 60 years after the war's end, but
    the books and DVDs flying off store shelves are far from patriotic.
    They contain Nazi themes and often offer Nazi ideology.
    "It's already a fashion," said Sergei Stepanich, an expert on fascist
    literature at the Center for Human Rights.
    Nestled among pornographic DVDs at kiosks at Leningradsky Station are
    numerous discs offering original [18]Nazi propaganda from the 1940s.
    The DVDs carry the original newsreels that were shown in German
    cinemas. A DVD on the Nazi SS has a blurb on the back of the box that
    talks about the troops' "genuine professionalism."
    "The DVDs are very popular," said one merchant, who refused to give
    his name.
    The propaganda is not only on sale at Moscow's railway stations. At a
    central Moscow outlet of Soyuz Records, one of the capital's biggest
    music and video chains, a series of DVDs on the actresses of the Third
    Reich shares a shelf with Audrey Hepburn box sets.
    A few hundred meters away from the Kremlin monument to the victims of
    World War II, an ordinary kiosk in a metro underpass sells a pirated
    nine-disc DVD collection called "A Chronicle of the Third Reich." The
    series is a compilation of serious documentary films on the Nazi
    regime but wrapped in a sensational cover.
    Buyers may just be interested in history, but Jewish and human rights
    organizations believe it is a sign of an increased fascination with
    fascist ideology.
    "It is probably not simply interest, but either young radicalism or a
    xenophobic-chauvinistic viewpoint," said Yevgeny Altman, the head of
    the Holocaust Fund in Russia.
    There has been an interest in fascist and specifically Nazi ideology
    since the early 1990s, but now the interest has taken on a commercial
    aspect, said Stepanich, who helped organize a campaign titled "The
    City Without Fascist Literature" over the summer.
    Among books, perhaps the most popular are a series written by Yury
    Mukhin, the editor of the newspaper Duel, that argues the Holocaust
    did not happen. The books are published by Yauza-Eksmo Press.
    It was unclear who was behind the publishing house, with a spokesman
    for Eksmo, one of the country's largest book publishers and the
    publisher of the Russian translation of the Harry Potter books, saying
    his company had no connection with Yauza-Eksmo Press.
    When a reporter telephoned the Eksmo bookstore, however, a sales clerk
    offered a 20-page catalog of books published by Yauza-Eksmo Press.
    It is the literature that most worries human rights campaigners.
    Stepanich said respectable publishing houses were now publishing books
    that embrace fascist ideology. "It was marginal in the 1990s," he
    "Russia is becoming one of the world centers for Holocaust denial,"
    Altman added. "We're worried that you can now find it in bookshops
    like Biblio Globus."
    Biblio Globus, a leading Moscow bookstore, had no immediate comment.
    When human rights activists discovered a series of books that espouse
    fascist ideology at a recent book fair, their protests were ignored,
    Altman said.
    The problem, he said, is that bookstores have difficulty singling out
    the books with fascist propaganda. He said booksellers sometimes call
    him to ask whether they could sell a certain book.
    The country has seen an increase in attacks on minorities in recent
    years, and rights activists link it to an increase in nationalist
    sentiment. A suspect held in the recent stabbing death of a Congolese
    student in St. Petersburg reportedly had a swastika on his cell phone,
    The Moscow Times reported.

[Here are some links to other articles in "News from Russia," which is put
by Pravda. Pravda is the Russian word for truth. As the main newspaper under
Communism, it published anything but truth, as all commentators not
by the Soviets widely remarked. "Pravda" was a joke.]

    Luzhkov's Rocker Set to Join City Hall Exodus
    [34]Moscow politician and part-time rock musician Mikhail Men could
    become the third key ally of Mayor Yury Luzhkov's to be appointed a
    governor this year after being picked as one of three candidates to
    run the Ivanovo region. [35]More details...

    Lenin's last wish should be fulfilled - Sliska and Krasheninnikov
    [36]MOSCOW. State Duma First vice-speaker for United Russia Lyubov
    Sliska believes that it would be correct to bury Lenin according to
    Christian traditions. [37]More details...

    Putin welcomes 'good dynamics' at Russian Railways
    [38]MOSCOW. President Vladimir Putin welcomed the 'good dynamics' in
    the development of Russian Railways as he met with its head, Vladimir
    Yakunin, on Saturday. [39]More details...

    Sakhalin-1 project to produce first oil, gas on weekend
    [40]The Sakhalin-1 oil and gas project operated by Exxon Neftegaz
    Limited (ENL) will start producing the first crude and gas over the
    weekend. [41]More details...

    Spacecraft carrying three to ISS put into orbit
    [42]OSCOW Oct 1 A Soyuz-TMA-7 spacecraft carrying Russian cosmonaut
    Valery Tokarev, NASA astronaut William McArthur, and U.S. space
    tourist Gregory Olsen successfully reached a pre-calculated orbit at
    8:03 a.m. on Saturday, a spokesman for the Russian space mission
    control in Korolyov outside Moscow. [43]More details...

    Two police officers wounded in Russia's restive Dagestan region
    [44]Two police officers wounded as unknown assailants opened fire on a
    police patrol car in the Dagestani city of Khasavyurt early Thursday,
    the regional Interior Ministry said [45]More details...

    Anthrax pesthole liquidated at Prigorodny District of South Ossetia
    [46]Anthrax pesthole has been localized and completely liquidated in
    Prigodniy District of South Ossetia. Life of two citizens of the
    village of Chermen, who are now in hospital, is out of danger, REGNUM
    was told in the Republican Emergency Hospital. [47]More details...

    Liquid gas storage facility to be built at Sverdlovsk Region
    [48]Major French Company 'Air Liquid' has signed a deal with the
    Sverdlovsk 'Uraltehgaz' plant to build a large liquid oxygen and
    nitrogen production plant and a liquid gas storage facility, a
    spokesperson for Sverdlovsk Governor said. [49]More details...

    Gazprom, Sibneft stock quotations drop after deal announcement
    [50]MOSCOW, Sept. 28 Stock quotations of Russia's natural gas monopoly
    Gazprom and Sibneft oil company that have been the leaders of growth
    on the Russian market in previous days have begun to decline after the
    announcement about a deal concluded by the companies. [51]More

    South Siberian Region Tries to Tax Baptisms and Funerals
    [52]The regional legislature in southern Siberia's Kurgan has approved
    amendments to the imputed tax law that will introduce taxation for
    religious rituals such as funerals and baptisms, the Vedomosti
    business daily reported on Tuesday. The move has already caused
    protests from the Orthodox Church and the Finance Ministry. [53]More

    Two Muscovites steal audio system from Swedish embassy
    [54]RUSSIA. Sept 25 Police have detained two Muscovites suspected of
    stealing an audio system from the Swedish embassy. [55]More details...

    Dagestan gas pipeline blast was of technogenic nature-experts
    [56]The explosion at a gas pipeline in Dagestan Republic was caused by
    a "technogenic situation," believe specialists of the Kaspiigazprom
    company citing preliminary data. [57]More details...

    Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov criticises situation in aircraft
    building industry
    [58]MOSCOW, September 22. Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov criticised on
    Thursday the development level of the Russian aircraft building
    industry. 'I cannot say Russia is doing its best for occupying a
    proper place in the competitive world,' he said at a meeting of the
    cabinet of ministers, which is discussing the development strategy of
    the aircraft building industry. [59]More details...

    Putin says Northern Dimension prgrm of interest to all Europeans
    [60]St PETERSBURG, September 22. Russian President Vladimir Putin and
    Finnish President Tarya Halonen had a meeting here Thursday. [61]More

    Russian shipwreck death toll rises to 13
    [62]KRASNOYARSK. The death toll in a September 16 accident in which a
    sea liner sank while approaching Russia's Dudinka seaport rose to 13
    on Thursday, as five more bodies were found inside the ship. [63]More

    Mike Tyson visits Chechnya to attend boxing tournament
    [64]Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson arrived to Chechnya
    to be the honored guest at a boxing tournament in Gudermes, the
    republic's second largest city [65]More details...

    Roadside bomb killed one and wounding five in Grozny
    [66]A roadside bomb blew up a car in the Chechen capital Grozny on
    Monday, killing one person and wounding five others, emergency
    response officials said [67]More details...

    Two criminals liquidated in Russia's Dagestan region
    [68]Two suspected criminals were killed in a clash with police in
    Russia's restive southern province of Dagestan [69]More details...

    Military truck exploded in Dagestan killing two serviceman
    [70]Two servicemen had been killed and three others wounded in
    explosion, in Dagestan, Friday, Dagestani Interior Ministry, said to
    The ITAR-Tass news agency [71]More details...

    Russia marked year since Beslan Siege
    [72]More than 500 children, teachers and parents gathered at Beslan's
    School No. 1 in southern Russia to mark the first anniversary of
    Russia's worst terrorist attack, which claimed 331 lives [73]More

    Beslan teachers send letter to Putin one year after school siege
    looking for truth
    [74]Teachers of Beslan school No. 1, destroyed in last September's
    siege, have sent a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin ahead of
    the first anniversary, Ekho Moskvy radio station reported [75]More

    Kids slayer lynched by mob in Dagestan
    [76]A man suspected of murdering two eight-year-old girls was killed
    by a mob in the southern Russian province of Dagestan, police said
    Monday [77]More details...

    Uzbek Senators vote for eviction of US troops
    [78]The Uzbek Senate (the upper chamber of the Republic of Uzbekistan)
    will discuss the problem of the withdrawal of U.S. troops from the
    Khanabad military base, near Karshi, on August 26 [79]More details...

    Council of Europe official to investigate mysterious disappearance of
    babies in Ukraine
    [80]A delegate from the Council of Europe's Parliamentary Assembly is
    expected to visit Ukraine next week to investigate the alleged
    disappearance of newborn babies in mysterious circumstances, the
    assembly said Friday [81]More details...

    Ingushetia premier wounded after assassination attempt
    [82]The head of the government of a southern Russian region bordering
    Chechnya was wounded on Thursday in a blast, a spokeswoman for
    emergencies service said [83]More details...

    Ukraine celebrated Independence Day foregoing military parade
    [84]Ukraine marked its 14th anniversary of independence on Wednesday,
    foregoing the traditional military parade for the first time to
    underline what the new leadership wants to celebrate as a peaceful
    holiday [85]More details...

    Chehens started mass riots in Yandiky, one man killed
    [86]Citizens of town Yandiky, Astrahanski region, voted for expulsion
    of Chechens from the settlement, on the last Council of the Elders.
    People believe that Chechens guilty for mass racial troubles [87]More

    Bird flu outbreak spreads in Russia
    [88]Russian officials said that Ural bird flu outbreak is spreading
    despite the efforts to localize the decease. The H5N1 strain of bird
    flu that kills poultry in Russian Siberian regions is not dangerous to
    citizens as no cases among humans have been confirmed, the Emergencies
    Ministry said in a statement [89]More details...

    Bird flu spreads west to Urals
    [90]Bird flu is going west. It has emerged in Chelyabinsk, the
    southern Urals region, a local official said Monday. The region is a
    big industrial center where all the previously hit by disease regions
    - Altai, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Tyumen and Kurgan are mostly rural
    [91]More details...

    [104]China's culture minister calls U.S. concerns of "China threat" a
    misunderstanding [go.gif]

    [105]Sun Micro up on planned Google collaboration [go.gif]

    [106]LUKoil Bids $2Bln for Fields in Kazakhstan [go.gif]
    [107]Putin greets Russian Jews on occasion of Rosh Hashanah [go.gif]
    [108]Denikin, Ilyin remains re-buried in Donskoy Monastery [go.gif]


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