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Yes.   In my process the opposites are termed generically  "quids" and 
In one-dimension, quids are broken lines and quods  are continuous lines;
very much like generalized yin and yang.    And the whole process may be
viewed as a generalized yin/yang  system.

One subtle thing to be kept in mind.  Quid/quod (or  separation/aggregation)
are derived (or emergent) attributes from more  primitive activities that 
involve local
distinction-making.    So, ultimately (recursive) distinction-making is the 
of all  there is.
hb: this is hearty meat for thought.  What is reponsible for the  
distinction-making process?  What is its origin?  Is time the  maker of distinctions and 
of aggregations?  Is time some sort of algorithm,  a basic rule, for the 
extraction of new distinctions and aggregations from the  data of the previous 
recursion, extracting implications from the previous  instant of Planck time?
Or, to put it differently, does time follow rules?  Are those rules  more 
complex than just "take the next step"?  How does time extract the  implicit and 
make it explicit? How does it translate what was into what  is?  Then how does 
it do it all over again?  Is time a process, a  mechanism?  Is it something 
we can't comprehend with our current tool kit  of metaphors?
This is really a quesion the paper Pavel Kurakin and I have written moves  
toward answering in a very primitive and speculative way: 
(http://arxiv.org/ftp/quant-ph/papers/0504/0504088.pdf)  .  


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