[Paleopsych] Diode Array, Claim of clean energy

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" I have invented, patented1, and tested2 a chip containing very many very small diodes that absorbs uniform ambient heat and releases D.C. Electrical power. This is a superior energy source that is very inexpensive and will power small appliances out of the box without a need for power wiring anywhere in the world. 

This has great potential to improve the prosperity of mankind. 

The chip will quickly become an open source commodity. Many applications should also be open. It is also a hard science tool for science fiction. 

Michael Huff3 at the Stanford MEM network, a network of nanotechnology developers, has given me a quote that $50,000 would pay for developing this chip. He could receive grant funding directly to improve the accountability as I am an unaffiliated inventor that can not personally produce the chip . 

1 U.S. Patent 3,890,161, DIODE ARRAY. As a 1975 patent, it may be available in image form only, not yet in electronically searchable text form. The original materials specified in the patent have been superseded by C60 carbon buckyballs as anodes on an N type InSb (semiconductor) substrate. 

2 In 1993 I commissioned the preparation and testing of an adapted satellite transponder chip containing 5,600 Au on GaAs diodes fabricated in a patch as an expedient for assemblers to find one diode where diodes operating at high frequencies have to be very small. Conductive paste was applied over the face of the chip to connect all the diodes in consistent alignment parallel as required. Next the chip was immersed in a constant temperature pure vegetable oil bath inside a shielding box in the California desert. The chip produced ~25 kTB watts where an output more than 1/2 kTB watts validates the theory that electrical thermal noise (Johnson Nouse) can be rectified and aggregated. 
If replication of this test is desired, the chips may still be available as draw down obsolete stock from Virginia Diodes Inc. www.virginiadiodes.com . I have lost contact with the lab that adapted and tested the chip. The C60 / N type InSb version of the chip should perform much better. ~100 watts / cm2 @ 20o C @ 50% diode efficiency @ 1011 buckyballs / cm2 is estimated. 

3 mhuff at mems-exchange.org http://www.memsnet.org/links/foundries 

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