[Paleopsych] A New Day in America

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Sun Sep 11 19:41:31 UTC 2005

		A New Day in America

The odds are pretty good that in the coming elections the Republicans will return to 
minority party status.

While the Republican years have been good for the top 20% of Americans, they have 
not been so good for the rest of us.

The mass of Americans has probably been too patient and too slow to learn that right-wing 
rule is not good for them, but I think they are finally beginning to understand that.

It is too late for the Republicans to do much to change that view.  The remaining items on 
their agenda will only reinforce the impression that they intend to benefit the few at the 
expense of the many.

The Republicans will be leaving us with a massive hangover of problems caused by their intent 
and by their neglect.

Our national balance sheet is a wreck.  In order to repair it we will have to repeal Bush’s tax cuts 
and possibly increase taxes on the top 20% in order to recover the money was improperly given 
to them.

Both individuals and corporations agree that the health care crisis is getting worse.  The people and 
companies who are presently entrusted with this vital public utility are not solving the problem, and 
it is time to consider a European solution to this problem.

We do not know for sure whether the energy price run up is due to greed or due to competition for 
a declining resource.  We do know that we are paying a lot more at the gas pump and we are all 
wondering what our winter heating bills will look like.  Collectively and as individuals we will have to 
get as serious about this as we were in the 1970’s.

It is possible that we have gone past the point of no return, but I am not giving up and I hope that 
you won’t either.  Our best hope is to act together to make things better.

Steve Hovland
San Francisco
September 11, 2005

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