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Michael hits that nail on the head. Scripture is like a Rorschach, you 
tend to project into it what you wish. There is actually a fairly robust 
dialog going on between Mormons and Evangelical Christians, but none of 
that was reflected in the piece that Frank shared. Most Christians 
totally reject the fellow's exigesis of what happens when one dies, 
emphasizing Luke 16 (if my memory serves me -- the parable of the rich 
man and Lazarus) as opposed to bitter stuff written by old King Solomon, 
after his life became pointless to him. That part of the exigesis is 
disallowed by the fellow writing, because of the notion that every word 
of the bible is totally inspired, something Mormons scoff at.

We have more peer review in Christianity than Islam, but perhaps less 
than Buddhism. That's why I referenced the fairlds.org site, there is 
dialog there.

Yet the real question is how one lives the life one is given. Dr. Bruce 
Grayson (U Conn) recounted an example: a minister dies, meets Jesus, and 
begins asking him doctrinal questions, to which Jesus laughs and asks 
him, "How did you treat the people I put into your life?"  Actually, the 
minister wasn't totally and completely dead, just mostly dead, and with 
a bit of Magical Max manipulation, he returned and told us the story. 
All true.

Michael Christopher wrote:

>A guy who isn't Mormon says:
>>>The Christian's sole question must be, "What 
>saith the Scripture?"<<
>--To which I (and many others) ask, "why?" And, who
>determines what a Christian is or isn't? Is there some
>kind of peer review?
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