[Paleopsych] Visiting another dimension?

Steve Hovland shovland at mindspring.com
Sun Jan 8 23:35:24 UTC 2006

Back when I was doing shamanic drumming and journeying,
we would often go into the lower worlds (dimensions?) to
get help.

One time I decided to go into an upper dimension.

There I was met by a creature with the body of a man
and the head of a fish.

He was the gate-keeper, and he asked me what I wanted
to do there, because it was not for tourists.

Apparently my answer satisfied him and he let me in.

I walked down a causeway and came to a large gallery
full of blank canvases.  I realized these were paintings
that I was supposed to do.

When I came out of the gallery I was in a garden
with many plots of medicinal plants.

At the back of the garden there was an old man
dispensing wisdom.  

Behind him was a dark tangled forest.  I plunged in.

Steve Hovland

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