[Paleopsych] Fourth Reich Rising - Bitter Pill to chew

Steve Hovland shovland at mindspring.com
Sat Jan 28 16:45:17 UTC 2006

If I was rich I'd be eccentric
But I'm poor so I'm just a fool 
To set about to change the world
It's not what they teach in school
This world it's not what it seems to be
>From the papers and on TV
Freedom screams at the sacrifice
So you can fuel your SUV 
As Brown & Root and the Carlyle Group
Make their money in the fog of war
And the banks extend their credit
Well we seen it all before
When I was twelve I heard the tale
Of slave labour in the Reich
Financed by David Rockerfella
Morgan Stanley and the like
My teacher she gave me Tolkein
A backdrop for a quest
Where the edge is clear and men know fear
As they stand at the abyss
When petty peacetime squabblings
Paper trades of paper men
Are forgot in the cold awareness
That Evil walks again.
And I read about the death camps
And the slaughter of the Jews
Tried to comprehend the loss
Twelve Million  empty shoes
The tryranny, pure evil
For which the Wall Street bankers paid
My Grandfathers generation died
So that profits could be made
As the horror of the Holocaust
Was played upon our screens
Nazi gold from the Dulles boys
Was moving behind the scenes
And the Reich of 45
Took shape and began to feed
In a Homeland rich and fertile
Ploughed ready for their seed
The lies are still the same
The stakes higher than before
While the people look for terrorists
And the press shout loud for war
Under a cloud of commerce
The Beast puts out a claw
It reaches for the Caspian oil
Like Hitlers did before
Their motives never compromised
All plans still working through
A master race in full control
Of everything you do
They grind mens bones for the bread of war
Then feed it back to you
Every bombs a profit and as the money filters through
A little pill of feelgood,
An empty meal to chew
As you graze the mall,from your virtual stall
Shop for God and Country
They'll bleed you till your blue
And the Power behind the Fourth Reich
Is the same as it was before
When Prescott Bush sent off that cable
March 19th, 1934.
from: http://www.unclenicks.net/canvas/Fourth_Reich/fourth_reich.html

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