[extropy-chat-test] Re: extropy-chat Digest, Vol 1, Issue 5

MBAUMEISTR at aol.com MBAUMEISTR at aol.com
Fri Oct 17 03:39:47 UTC 2003

In a message dated 2003-10-16 23:33:08 Eastern Daylight Time, 
kevinfreels at hotmail.com writes:

> OK. I'm a bit confused here. Are we using Extropy-chat-test, or
>  Extropy-chat?

I felt confused also. The link in the subbing email was not the same as the 
link David sent in his email just a bit ago, IIRC.

Also, for this chat-test list, I decided not to go with digest as it took too 
long to know if things were working or not.

I'm not getting anything from the older-Extropy-chat list anymore. Which is 
rather normal. I usually was getting maybe one post out of 10.

Here's the archives for this extropy-chat-test list
I think....

For sure they are different lists. The archives for the older list cover 
September and October.


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