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As it turns out, the two o's in the symbol % do not derive from the 
two zeroes in 100. Rather, the two o's evolved from the 'c' and the
'o' in the Italian expression "per cento" [x 100]. This arose in 
an [of course] Italian manuscript of the 1425 (circa). 



                      surdus & ab-surdus

Al-Khowarizmi (Baghdad, circa 825) referred to rational and irrational
numbers as 'audible' and 'inaudible', (D.E. Smith, History of Mathem.,
vol. 2, 1925, page 252). In translating the Greek term 'alogos' into 
Arabic, Al-Khowarizmi chose the expression 'jathr asamm', literally 
'deaf root'. His choice emphasized the earlier Greek connotations of 
'alogos' [without words, inexpressible, ineffable] instead of the 
later ones [without reason, without ratio]. Then, when the works 
of Al-Khowarizmi were translated into Latin, the Latin word 'surdus' 
[deaf] was called into play. D.E. Smith states that the first known 
European to adopt this terminology was Gherardo of Cremona (circa 1150)
who adopted 'surde' [deaf, silent, stupid] instead of 'surdus'.


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