[extropy-chat] Uploading

Kilroy kilroy at hush.ai
Thu Oct 30 17:11:53 UTC 2003

>Doesn't the concept of replacing the brain's neurons
>with artificial ones, one at a time, date back to
>Turing?  This is one concept of uploading (and the
>closest to reality, from what I've seen - even if it
>is a fair ways off).

The first description of this that I saw was
a letter, I think by Marvin Minsky, in
Behavioral and Brain Science, in response to
a republication of John Searle's very stupid
"Chinese Room" paper.  This would have been
sometime in the 1980s.  Turing, in the paper
in which he proposed the Turing test, may
have written something similar, but I can't

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