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The attacks on theraputic cloning are causing great damage to medical
progress in this field:

"President Bush's current limitations on stem cell research and a bill that
would place criminal penalties on scientists who use a particular cloning
process are causing biotechnology corporations to fall apart or flee to
other countries, according to a stem cell scientist."

"if embryonic stem cell research had not been involved in politics we would
be far ahead of where we are today."

Stem cell research and theraputic cloning are fundamental to all the most
promising advances in regenerative medicine. This is not pie in the sky
science: amazing cures - for Parkinson's, heart disease, bone damage, nerve
damage, burns, liver damage, Crohn's, etc - have been demonstrated in the
labs or in early trials, only to be shut down, banned, or die off from lack
of funding. The current US administration - and many other governments
worldwide - have shown that their members do not care how much suffering
they are causing through their policies. Without activism and opposition, we
can all expect to live shorter, more painful lives: regenerative medicine is
a part of the fast track to extended healthy lives.

Please use the following links to see how you can help to make your voice
heard. I urge you to contact your elected representatives and tell them that
what they are doing (or allowing to happen) is immoral and wrong. Hundreds
of millions of people are suffering and dying today, now, from conditions
that could soon be cured, or might already be curable, if not for these
attacks on theraputic cloning and stem cell research.

A total ban on theraputic cloning in the US is still pending:


The European Parliament is still looking at banning all stem cell research:


More information on the UN global ban on theraputic cloning is here:


The FDA has blocked a working therapy for heart disease that could save an
estimated 50,000 lives worldwide every day:


If stem cell therapies and theraputic cloning are banned, you, personally,
will one day die from a disease that would be have been curable. Today, now,
150,000 people will die worldwide, mostly from diseases and conditions that
will soon be curable, or would be curable without these attacks on medical
research. Are you going to let that go, or are you going to stand up and
fight the small faction of politicians who are trying to stop progress?


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> Subject: [wta-politics] Move to ban human cloning likely to divide UN
> Move to ban human cloning likely to divide UN
> By Mark Turner at the United Nations and Clive Cookson in London
> Published: October 28 2003 17:30 | Last Updated: October 28 2003 17:30
> The US and the UK, normally stalwart allies on the international stage,
> may be heading for a face-off at the United Nations over moves towards
> an international convention banning all forms of human cloning.
> Diplomats said a decision was expected this week or early next week on
> whether to press for a vote in the UN General Assembly. Costa Rica, the
> US and almost 60 other countries have sponsored a resolution calling for
> a convention against human cloning to be prepared by next year. In the
> meantime, it says states should prohibit the research, development or
> application of "any technique aimed at human cloning".
> While General Assembly resolutions are not binding, its supporters
> believe the agreement would send a powerful message about human
> society's willingness to set ethical boundaries on the fast-developing
> discipline of life sciences.
> The Costa Rica/US text calls human cloning, for any purpose, "unethical,
> morally repugnant and contrary to due respect for the human person".
> At the same time, however, Belgium, the UK, Japan, China and a
> significant minority of other UN members have sponsored a
> counter-resolution that would ban human reproductive cloning but allow
> "therapeutic cloning" for medical research. This is supported by most of
> the world's scientific academies, including the US National Academy of
> Sciences.
> Advocates for the counter-proposal, which has more than 20 co-sponsors,
> say their text reflects nations' right to determine for themselves where
> the boundaries lie. The UK argues that cloning early embryos for
> research could bring significant benefits to human society and does not
> violate the sanctity of life.
> US officials say they cannot accept a resolution allowing activity in a
> field the Bush administration believes is universally unacceptable.
> "It's important for the international community, even with a divided
> voice, but a strong voice, to send a message that cloning will not be
> tolerated," said one.
> But an opponent of the US position pointed out: "It is ironic that the
> administration should be pushing for an international convention to ban
> all cloning when it cannot even get Congress to agree on legislation."
> Faced with two irreconcilable positions, proponents of the Costa Rica
> text must choose whether to abandon the vote or press ahead with a
> resolution that a significant minority of countries oppose. Were the
> resolution to pass, the UN could face a situation where only some
> countries actively participated in, and eventually applied, a new
> convention.
> "You wouldn't get full participation in the negotiations, and who knows
> who would ratify it," said a UN diplomat who opposed the universal ban.
> "If you have a resolution only supporters sign up to, it doesn't
> strengthen regulation at all."
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