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Claus Bornich Claus.Bornich at autocue.co.uk
Fri Aug 6 14:20:52 UTC 2004


Just discovered a new artist with what must be the most transhuman angle I've come across so far. After reading the introduction on his website (below) I was quite excited and although the music is more open to interpretation than it would suggest, I must say it is really good stuff. Maybe not so strange since I already love both technology and electronic music. Here are two snippets of texts describing his music. One from the frontpage on his website and the second from the record company that distributes his records.

"Cursor Miner was found dead on the evening of 28/01/2004. Slumped over his laboratory table amidst a mass of smouldering cables his skull containing 2kg of mercury. 
In a botched attempt to upload his brain the very nature of information itself had become unstable, only the fact that he was using cheap audio cables saved the rest of reality from destruction. The only salvagable data on the machine was 11 pieces of music his mind had managed to write to the disk during the final milliseconds of fevered neural activity. This was a final desperate attempt to describe the sensations of becoming pure data. This album was entitled "Cursor Miner Plays God" and will be released on May 24th on Lo Recordings."

The review of his previous album at Lo Recordings reads:

"Cursor Miner is one of those people who never quite traded in their starry-eyed optimism for cold, hard cynicism. Or lost his fancy for philosophical musings about the possibilities of quantum physics, the likelihood of ever relocating to outer space or being well up for replacing his body parts with supertechnology. Maybe it's naïve, but, well, fuck it. People scoffed about putting man on the moon, too, and now look where we are, eh? His debut album Explosive Piece Of Mind imagines a vision of the future where the world flourishes in a techno utopia; a place where science uses its powers for good instead of evil. He's a denizen of the fantasyland where we don't actually destroy the earth, we make it a better place. His music is equally ambitious: pop with an edge, that dares to both fuck with you and be irresistibly catchy at the same time: a proper electronic pop album with harmonies, razor sharp lyrics, songs, hooks and all those things you thought the laptop generation had left behind. And twisted, like if Lewis Carroll wrote lyrics for Gary Numan or Squarepusher. Curioser and curioser."

Both albums are quite eclectic in style and quality. Some is amazingly good and some is just so-so. I love most of the cursor miner plays god album though.

You can find his website at http://www.cursorminer.com

There are a few free mp3 clips for download. Although they are too short and few to give a complete idea of all that is on offer, it will give an impression of the style of music.

PS! No I am in no way associated with or even know this guy. I only heard of him two weeks ago, whereas I've been a loyal reader of the extropy forum for almost three years now. It's been a bumpy ride for sure but I've learned a lot from following this forum and it's nice to know there are likeminded individuals out there. Not exactly a frequent poster though...

PSPS! Anyone with any theories on what the Cursor Miner name might be a reference to?



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