[extropy-chat] My time is almost up...

J Corbally jcorb at irishbroadband.net
Fri Aug 6 23:41:46 UTC 2004

Thanks Mike!

We'll be settling in Virginia, most likely in the Roanoke area.  We've 
quite a bit of house hunting to do :)


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>--- J Corbally <jcorb at irishbroadband.net> wrote:
> > Well, the documents are all verified and stamped, the backgrounds
> > been checked and cleared, the fingerprints have been scanned, and the
> > final stamp's been made.
> >
> > So hopefully (within the next 2 months or so) I'll be making my move
> > to the U.S.
>Excellent, welcome! Where will you be settling down?
>Mike Lorrey
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