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Have a look at Audio blogging, such as:

I remember seeing a site recently that seemed to let you make your own
playlist from streaming audio all over the web, that might be useful.
Anyone know the site I mean?


On Sat, 7 Aug 2004 22:29:55 -0700, Spike <spike66 at comcast.net> wrote:
> > Apologies for the stolen bandwidth folks. Just tried to e Spike Jones
> > offlist, got a `mailbox full' bounce. Is the spam choking you, pal?
> >
> > Damien
> Oops sorry about that Damien.  I was on a two week vacation,
> riding all over the northwestern US on an antique motorcycle
> which I restored this past spring.  Total distance on the
> bike about 5 megameters on the bike, ~140 km on foot.
> Hiked, backpacked and camped all over Mount Rainier.
> I rigged a platform on the back of the bike to haul the
> backpacks and camping gear, worked great.  Had a great
> time, no major pieces fell off of the bike.  It was a
> *most* excellent adventure.
> But yes, I am choking on spam, oy vey, and Im
> missing some very important personal email.
> While I was out backpacking and riding, I had
> some wonderful ideas to post.  I will start
> with this one: we should explore the notion
> of using the spoken word to spread extropian
> memes, not just in conferences but rather to
> create MP3 files which can be carried in one's
> palm pilot or equivalent.  It occurred to me
> that the spoken word conveys nuances that are
> lost in the electronic post.
> I will develop this idea further after I
> clean up my bike and camping gear.
> spike
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