[extropy-chat] extropian memes in spoken word

Spike spike66 at comcast.net
Tue Aug 10 02:52:22 UTC 2004

>Antique motorbike ehh??Hahaa excellent! :: flashes back to Zen & the
>of Motorcycle Maintenance::

Loved that book.

>Are you going to have any pictures from your trip anyplace??

Ja, but there are some items higher on the priority list
currently.  Do stand by.

>Love the idea of your "portable meme transmitter"!...
>I think we would all agree that some things just can't
>be effectively communicated without the subtleness of 
>human expression.

I got the idea while riding to Mt. Rainier on the bike,
listening to the local radio.  In central Oregon there
are vast stretches where the radio choices are limited
indeed.  In one stretch of over an hour, the only thing
available was a religion-meme station, so I chose the
sermon over the drone of my engine.  I did not get religion.
But it did occur to me that a sermon format is a very
effective means of transmitting ideas.

We in extropia worry ourselves, perhaps excessively, about
being considered a religion.  While we need to avoid the
appearance of promoting a dogma, we can use the sermon
format to great advantage once we realize that the spoken
word has a rhythm and a cadence, which makes it in some
applications more effective than the written word.

For an excellent example of what I mean, consider two persons
who were particularly skilled at using the voice as a medium
of meme transfer: Martin Luther King and Ronald Reagan.  
If you listen to their voice control, the cadence, the
alliteration, these guys had it.  We can have that too.


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