[extropy-chat] Politics: Laura Bush Defends George Bush's StemCell Views

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Tue Aug 10 18:26:21 UTC 2004

From: Mike Lorrey

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> http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/5652274/
>>This very well could become a definitive issue for the upcoming US
>>election, or an argument between a current First Lady and a former
>>Lady.  I'd like to see "Nancy" roll up her shirt sleeves and get in
>>there and fight for biotech progress.

>This might be a good strategy to pursue. However, Nancy always had more
>in common politically with Michael Reagan than with Ron Jr., she was
>always very right-to-life.

>Thus, a more ethical use of resources would focus on how private cell
>lines are treated by private groups, establishing a system of guardians
>ad leitem to speak for those who can't speak for themselves, and if any
>research results in production of living human beings, such beings must
>be provided for by trusts, set up by their creators, with both Trustee
>and Protector being named individuals, natural persons, who are outside
>the influence of the creating corporation.

The election, at this point in time, is between two parties.  The election
very well may be about just a few issues that are transhumanist in scope. 
This is what I am focusing in on.  In a perfect world, I would not be
writing about 20th Century politics, as my mind would be elsehwere in more
intelligent and prosperous conversation.  


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