[extropy-chat] [SALT] The DEpopulation Problem, this Friday (for forwarding)

Patrick Wilken Patrick.Wilken at Nat.Uni-Magdeburg.DE
Wed Aug 11 13:40:57 UTC 2004

On 11 Aug 2004, at 16:57, Natasha Vita-More wrote:

>  Forwarded from Stewart Brand from the Long Foundation:
> Birthrates are plummeting worldwide.  Already half the world has 
> "sub-replacement" birthrates. The dearth of babies coming means the 
> makeup of human populations is about to change drastically, and that 
> will affect everything. 

Hey Natasha:

How reliable are these statistics? I thought population GLOBALLY was 
still going up, even if we in the West generally don't have children 
anymore. I thought even in the USA there was still positive population 
growth. Am I misremembering all those figures.

This seems a little like hype to sell a book. Am I wrong?

best, patrick

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