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> These projections come from the U.S. Census Bureau and are pretty
> reliable.
> And yes, the USA is projected to increase in population. They don't
> really know why the US is different. Suggestions??
> See my post of 4th August on this subject, where I commented -
> Looks like the US just has to continue as normal and wait for
> the rest of the world to dwindle away over the next 50 years.

US population rises because we have more immigrants than any other
nation. Period. Native born reproductive rates are generally low,
though slightly above european norms, partly because of so much
non-euro immigration from countries with anti-family-planning
traditions (Catholic Mexicans, Cubans, and other latinos, for instance,
as well as Irish) that second third and fourth generation decendants of
immigrants from those countries still have cultural baggage for high
birth rates.

The US also tends to be more religious in general than other developed
nations, which impacts reproductive rates. Mormons, for instance, don't
believe in contraception or family planning (other than planning for
large families). And people immigrate here in many instances because of
the anti-family policies of their home governments.

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