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> On Wed, Aug 11, 2004 at 07:10:14PM -0700, Spike wrote:
> > Ja, this is way cool, is it not?  The forces on the craft 
> What about plasma wear? How good are you with hypersonic fat foils
> which provide lift?

Plasma wear occurs because hulls are not actively charged. Since the
vehicle is receiving microwave power, and using ION propulsion, it can
also actively charge its hull to help reduce plasma erosion, and
minimize shock waves at the same time.

The foils don't need hypersonic capacity. The indicated air speed at
those altitudes is entirely subsonic even at orbital velocities.

> > due to high velocity is proportional to the density of
> Where does the high velocity come from? There is no rocket onboard.

ION propulsion powered by beamed microwave energy.

> > the medium, so if they float way up there, then perhaps
> > this scheme could work.  Balloons can get up to where the
> > atmosphere is less than 1% the density down here.  Im
> Lift gives you zero horizontal velocity component. It shaves off
> maybe 10% off energy costs due to lack of drag.

The ion propulsion is for use in high atmosphere. You don't need a lot
of thrust because at such altitudes your indicated air speed is so low.
You can be going mach 24 relative to the ground but your indicated air
speed at 350,000 feet is going to be less than 100 mph. Therefore, all
you need is a lot of time to thrust..

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