[extropy-chat] Fahrenheit 911 - objective review?

Brett Paatsch bpaatsch at bigpond.net.au
Sat Aug 14 04:59:54 UTC 2004

Samantha wrote:

> I plan to vote for the Libertarian candidate, Badnarik. Not
> because of any overly complicated political calculation 
> though.  Badnarik is simply the only one I have heard 
> speak sensibly (and in large agreement with my own views).
> Of course I don't expect him to win. 

If you expect that either Kerry or Bush will win and consequently
hold the power of the office for four years why wouldn't you
vote for whichever of those you dislike the least?

The reason I ask is that I get that neither Bush or Kerry appeal
and I get that a lot of people think it won't make much difference
but I can think of two grounds on which I think it will make a 
practical difference.

1) International law   (or just plain old rule-of-law period)  

Kerry does not yet have conspicuous bad form as the head of 
state of a permanent security council member that invaded a 
foreign country. 

I think people (other heads of state) will distrust Kerry less. 
I would.  I'd give Kerry one chance. I wouldn't give Bush another
as I think he's already mishandled the UN and the US interests
in the UN beyond his capacity to repair it. (It being the US 
interests in the UN and the UN generally. I think the US needs
to get rid of Bush to start to get its word of honour back). 

2) Stem cell research. (When Bush goes so will his screwy council
on bioethics). 


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