[extropy-chat] electing ideas [was Re:Fahrenheit 911 -objectivereview?]

Pat Fallon pfallon at ptd.net
Sat Aug 14 20:16:28 UTC 2004

> > Sometimes ideas can get elected even though the candidate
> > expressing  them doesn't.

> I don't agree Pat.  An idea won't be elected President. The presidency
> is a role. It needs to be filled by a person and people come with warts
> and all.

A Socialist Party candidate was never elected President of the US,
but, in effect, their ideas were...

F.D.R., in particular, was attacked by the leader of the Socialist
Party, Eugene Debs, and other Socialist campaigners as an 
opportunistic thief of Socialist Party platform planks.

Pat Fallon
pfallon at ptd.net
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