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Let's not forget our FAILURE to intervene in Liberia last year when both
parties were looking forward to our presence. The entire issue was created
by the way we just packed up and left Liberia after the Soviet Union
crumbled. Now they are looking to stabilize and are looking for $14million
to get their electric back on in Monrovia and no one seems to care...
Liberia just isn;t big enough news to justify messing with, so we ignore it.

I'm willing to go out on a limb here though. I think the terrible foreign
policy is directly caused by the general public's lack of knowledge about
the world. The government only reacts to things they think will get them
re-elected and the voters only care about the things that  the news media
tell them to care about.  If the people had a clue and gave a shit, I think
our entire foreign policy would change and we wouldn;t have so many people
that hate us.

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> > We are facing a group of Muslim men ages 18-25 that have been
> > taught to hate America since they were born.
> IMHO, our interventionist foreign policy hasn't helped any...
> Take Iran, for instance...
> The CIA played a large role in overthrowing the Prime Minister of Iran
> and replaced him with the Shah whose dictatorship and secret police
> lasted almost 20 years until he was driven from office...
> when the revolution came, they didn't storm the Zwiss Embasy,
> they stormed the American Embassy because they hated us...
> the American CIA had replaced their Prime Minister with a dictator...
> we create, prop up, discard, and play tyrants off of one another...
> eventually that shit will catch up to you as it did in Iran...
> our interventionist foreign policy breeds hatred,
> it destroys our freedoms here in the US...
> it will bleed us dry...
> >The issue truly rests in that if we tuck tail and run out of Iraq
> >that we lose far more than the men we have lost already.
> sounds a little deja-viet-namish....
> the sooner we admit a mistake and withdraw, the better...
> > Our country will be a target for anyone that needs their
> > agenda passed to just bomb a church or building and we
> > will give them what they want to not make anyone mad.
> our troops will certainly continue to be a target if we keep them in
> > Appeasement never works.
> Refraining from disasterous foreign interventionism is not "appeasement."
> Self defense, YES...
> installing dictators, proping up kings and princes to secure oil
> NO.
> taxing us to give trillions to foreign countries...no
> [privatize foreign aid, stop forcing Americans to contribute]
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