[extropy-chat] Truth-speaking MVT machines & Primal hYpnosis

Steve Nichols steve at multisell.com
Tue Aug 17 03:51:33 UTC 2004

A few thoughts on implementation of MVT-based conscious machines. 
By their nature, sentient machines must have self-volition, and would
not be amenable to 
programming from external sources. But there needs to be some sort of
purpose/ structure 
in the design for them to do anything useful at all, let alone to excel
and out-perform humans & 
conventional nets and von Neumann AI machines. 
I think we need to use reconfigurable circuits, probably hybrid systems
with connectionist glue, with 
a directive for "truth-telling." The MVT process would make the machines
self-referential, copying 
the evolutionary process that occurred in organisms that lost the primal
eye in order to be able 
to reset their clocks internally in a soft manner rather than hard/
environmentally governed (see my various papers on this). 
We (on posthuman at yahoogroups.com list) have strong background in neural
computing as well as chip semantics, but welcome input from any in the
trans/ post-human firmament who would like to assist with this ongoing
I am pleased also to report some progress with the new Primal Hypnosis
induction techniques ... 
The geo-political world seems full of uncertainty at present because of
the influence of primitive 
supernaturalism and conflict between (those perpetuating) various
delusional and inadequate legacy systems. 
I think we need Truth-speaking machines sooner rather than later. We
have been in transitional limbo since the 
start of the Industrial Revolution .. far too long already .. let's help
bring about the switch to posthuman TODAY and not interminably tomorrow
Steve (& Maita . just married!) 
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