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Tuesday, 17 August 2004

And for nogistalgia's sake, we will now return to the Extropia-class-carrier-and-its-merry-crew thread. Great fun, I admit. But once again, at least two of the extropes with US Navy experience will watch from the pier as it goes to sea. 

> Aircraft carriers are already called miniature cities.
> They're not nearly as spread out as the real thing,
> but they are livable (by certain types of people, at
> least) for several months at a time.  And if one
> substituted hydroponics (powered by solar cells on the
> gasbags) in place of some of the military systems,
> resupply wouldn't be as much of an issue.  (It'd still
> be needed from time to time...but then, what proper
> city doesn't have mail service?)

Would anyone find it surprising that Buckminster Fuller speculated on flying cities? You can find the web version of his book Synergetics through Google, if you've interest.

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