[extropy-chat] Real Extropians don't drive SUVs

Everitt Mickey evmick at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 19 04:10:48 UTC 2004

BillK wrote:

> and fatalities in crashes involving large trucks on
>the upswing.

Not according to the figures I"VE seen.....the reverse actually.  Makes 
me wonder.

To wit....in the last two or three years the annual fatalities involving 
motor vehickles have hit an all time low of less than 5,000 (five 
thousand) a year...of which several HUNDRED have involved big trucks.  
(so naturally...they make the laws applying to trucks more stringent.)  
Each year the figger gets less..

Some federal alphabet soupe agency..(FHMSA?).. figures.....I read it in 
a magazine...(Trucker's News)....don't have URL's for magazines....

I'm a trucker....I pay attention to these things.


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