[extropy-chat] Real Extropians don't drive SUVs

Mike Lorrey mlorrey at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 19 19:20:38 UTC 2004

--- Brian Lee <brian_a_lee at hotmail.com> wrote:
> There are things inherently unsafe about many SUVs. They have a
> higher tendency to roll over (not just due to driver ignorance). 

Wrong. A driver's unwise misestimation of the center of gravity and G
tolerance of a vehicle in cornering, due to too many years driving low
slung cars with different feel characteristics, is not the fault of the
vehicle. Your assertion is as bad as claiming that guns kill people by
jumping up and shooting them all by their selves.

> They also make the 
> road less safe for non-SUV owners by obstructing their view.

I am not responsible for YOUR choice of a short vehicle, any more than
a train engineer is responsible for you being parked on the railroad
tracks as he hits you.

Stop copping out and take responsibility for your own choices and actions.

Mike Lorrey
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