[extropy-chat] SUV versus sedan versus motorcycle

The Avantguardian avantguardian2020 at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 19 21:54:29 UTC 2004

> Should we ban or penalize sedan drivers because they
> are a clear
> asymmetric hazard to motorcyclists?  Most cars never
> have more than one
> person in them and are typically used just to move
> between two points,
> so why not a motorcycle, which gets better gas
> mileage to boot?  I see
> idiots in sedans nearly run into motorcyclists all
> the time, acting like
> they own the road.  And a motorcyle can take a
> corner at speeds that
> would roll a car.  We could clearly do with having
> far fewer cars on the
> road and more motorcycles, and imagine all the
> parking space that would
> free up.

I ride a motorcycle and sedans are far less hazardous
to us than SUVs. I have a sedan, but I only use it if
I need to carry cargo or carry multiple people. When I
am just commuting, I ride my bike. And incidently the
only accident that I have ever been in on my
motorcycle was with a guy who was driving an SUV. He
didn't see me because he had too much steel around him
to be concerned about what or who he hit. Yes...
motorcyclist and SUV drivers are natural enemies.
Having to share the road with them takes away many of
the advantages of riding a motorcycle. People sit
fairly high on a motorcycle allowing us to see over
sedans in front of us, unfortunately we can't see over
the really big SUVs. Motorcycles can legally share
lanes with vehicles in California meaning we can get
around gridlock by moving between vehicles. The really
big SUVs take up the whole lane and thus prevent lane
sharing with them. I would say that SUV's and the
people who drive them are as diametrically opposed to
me, my motorcycle, and all that we stand for that one
can get and still be deserving of oxygen.   ;)

The Avantguardian 

"He stands like some sort of pagan god or deposed tyrant. Staring out over the city he's sworn to . . .to stare out over and it's evident just by looking at him that he's got some pretty heavy things on his mind."

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