[extropy-chat] SUV's are killing their drivers.

Mike Lorrey mlorrey at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 20 13:34:41 UTC 2004

According to the National Safety Council:

"Nationally, SUVs have a rollover rate of 98 fatalities per million
registered vehicles, compared to 44 fatalities per million for other
light vehicle types, according to NHTSA. But consider this: 1,088 of
the 1,482 SUV-rollover deaths in 1997 involved occupants who didn't use
their safety belts."

So SUV deaths are more than 2/3 by non-seatbelt-wearers, even though
the general population wears seatbelts at a rate of 60%+ in
non-mandatory-seatbelt states, and 90%+ in mandatory states. So it
isn't an issue of car vs. SUV, its seatbelt wearer vs non-wearer.

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