[extropy-chat] "Beauty" Gap [was Tax Burden Gap]

Olga Bourlin fauxever at sprynet.com
Sat Aug 21 00:47:07 UTC 2004

From: "Kevin Freels" <megaquark at hotmail.com>

> I would like to take a moment to recognize the huge gap in income between
> the beautiful and the ugly. Attractive people do have higher incomes.

Yes, at least what is currently considered attractive (there have been small
variations throughout the decades).

On the heterosexual front, at least, the practice goes on - attractive women
(even if they are admittedly "thick"-in-the-head) are often able to "sell"
their assets to either: (a) attractive successful men; or (b) not very
attractive succesful men; and (c) world-class ugly successful men (e.g., The
Donald). Sad.  Whatcha' gonna' do?

And taller attractive people (from what I've read - men) tend to have more
success with making money than shorter men.

I've long been intrigued with the idea of separating procreation from
"romantic love."  Now we are starting to see some progress here (and science
and technology promises to bring us more options in the future).


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