[extropy-chat] Semco

Adrian Tymes wingcat at pacbell.net
Sun Aug 22 04:52:27 UTC 2004

David wrote:
> However, if someone had a reason for not performing
> well then they generally got far more support than
> they do in traditional environments too.

A thought for consideration:

"I can fix that person."
"I can fix myself."

The former seems more popular.  I'm not sure what all
the reasons are, but at least part of it is that some
people never consider the latter - and a small portion
of one's thoughts is more than a zero portion.
Indeed, merely considering the latter - for wide
values of "fix" - seems to be one thing that
transhumanists do, that sets them apart from most
other people.  (This applies to both the action of
thinking this thought itself, and the consequences.)

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