[extropy-chat] Electability of minor party candidates

Adrian Tymes wingcat at pacbell.net
Sun Aug 22 18:08:31 UTC 2004

--- Mike Lorrey <mlorrey at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Michael Badnarik, of Texas, is the LP candidate. go
> to
> http://www.lp.org for details. 
> I spent some time getting to know him last nov when
> he gave his weekend
> course on the constitution. He is great fellow.

But even if it weren't for issues of ballot and media
access, et al (which, to be fair, I think he has a
valid point on, but that's another story), he sadly
wouldn't be electable even if he were the Democratic
or Republican nominee.  A few quotes from his site,
and attributed to him by articles:

> If I have a "hot button" issue, this is definitely
> it.
(Appeals to emotion aside, this strength of emotion
will gain some support from those you agree with, but
alienate all those who oppose you on the issue.  It
also invites attacks; see Kerry's relatively muted
promotion of his military service, and the reaction

> The Bush administration plans to re-institute the
> draft after the election
(suspected and hinted at, but not proven)

> If I concede that the government can stop you from
> having an F-16, I'm conceding the right of
> government to regulate
(Many people can see the potential for private armies
poised to overthrow the legitimate government.  Label
them "terrorists" for added impact...)

And then there's the silence on major items that
Democrats and Republicans pick up on as campaign
topics.  For instance, stem cell research.  One can
reasonably infer that, while he'd be against federal
funding of stem cell research because it's federal
funding, he would be for the continued legality of
private reseach into theraputic uses, and perhaps even
of reproductive cloning once that becomes viable.  But
nowhere on his site does he mention it.  Both of the
major parties were apparently taken a bit by surprise
by stem cells' growing in importance as a political
issue, but both of the major party candidates now have
defined positions on the issue (though Bush only
needed to reaffirm and clarify his existing position).

Even if one disagrees with the major parties, one can
still study their tactics and imitate the successful
ones (at least, the ones one has money for).  Failure
to do that is not the fault of anyone else, but it
does contribute to the minor parties' minor standings.

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