[extropy-chat] The "wasted" Libertarian vote

Brian Alexander Lee brian_a_lee at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 23 13:33:00 UTC 2004

I know that I cast my vote for a 3rd party each election to show support for
3rd party politics in what is effectively a single-state system (since Dems
and Repubs are effectively the same when it comes to important policy-
trade, environment, defense, etc).

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> The rule by which your State instructs its electors
> http://www.fairvote.org/e_college/problems.htm
> has a lot to do with personal voting strategies.
> If you know your State's electors all will go to Kerry (as in
> you have greater incentive to vote Libertarian than if you're voting in a
> releatively close contest.  You cannot affect the *outcome* of the race,
> there is a greater likelihood that both parties will respond to the
> vector of your minority, in planning for the midterm elections.
> If you really can't predict the outcome, and you perceive any difference
> all between Bulganin and Kruschchev,  you take the lesser,  lest your
> vote give the State to the wrong weasel.
> Unless, of course, you really are committed to the Party of Principle.
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