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--- Spike <spike66 at comcast.net> wrote:

> > Samantha Atkins:
> > 
> > That the are for tax cuts and keeping the tax bill down  hardly
> makes 
> > said group or person libertarian or even shows that most of the 
> > proposals are remotely consistent with libertarian ideals.
> -samantha
> Oh, but that is always a great start.  A government that
> hasn't much money will of necessity focus on the essentials:
> common defense and road building.  Beyond that, I don't
> see it as all that useful.  
Yeah, and Gover did write for a libertarian magazine in college. That
the social conservatives don't like him is a plus to me, and should be
to libertarians. No, he isn't 'pure', and I'd doubt he'd pass a litmus
test, but frankly such standards are useless in practical politics.
It's easiest to ride the freedom train as far as others are willing to
take it, then slog your own way from there with whoever else is
willing. Don't pass up a free or easier ride just cause you think the
conductor has a bad attitude.

Nor is ATR a shill for republicans. It is ripping on Ahnuld in Kali
because he hasn't been focusing on lowering taxes and spending.

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