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Wed Aug 25 13:18:38 UTC 2004

--- Brett Paatsch <bpaatsch at bigpond.net.au> wrote:

> Stephen J. Van Sickle wrote:
> > I find this all very distressing, since I think a strong opposition
> is
> > essential to civil society.  Yet much of what I see from the
> opposition
> > these days amount to personal attacks ("irrational", "honest",
> "Bush is
> > dumb") and a refusal to debate the facts and issues.  It is
> ultimately
> > self-defeating.  It is not like there aren't a great many sound
> > arguments against the course of action being taken.  
> I agree that its unpleasant to see only bad or spurious reasons
> given for opposing things, but unfortunately, unless you are
> referring
> to what's good for an email list, rather than what is good for an
> electoral outcome, it isn't self defeating. 
> In a two person contest like the US Presidential election only one
> will win and one will loose. The system doesn't differentiate whether
> a vote is cast for a candidate or against the other candidate. Two 
> dummies voting the opposite way to you cancel your vote and exceed
> it by exactly one. Little wonder the messages are pitched at lowest
> common denominators.

Actually, Michael Badnarik had something to say about the myth of the
'wasted vote' at the LP Convention in Atlanta. "If you were on death
row, and you had a 50% chance of being executed by lethal injection,
and a 45% chance of getting the electric chair, and only a 5% chance of
escaping, would you vote for the most likely outcome, or the more
tolerable death, just because they seemed to be the most likely choice?
NO! You'd vote to escape each and every time. Voting for the lesser
evil just means you wind up with evil government." This is the best
dismissal of the wasted vote myth I've ever heard, because the fact is
that the other candidates are on agendas of power, slavery, and death
to the common man.

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