[extropy-chat] "The Most Dangerous Idea" (that is us)

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Thu Aug 26 19:15:02 UTC 2004


I just read this on the ExtroBritannia list and wanted to forward it to you

"'What ideas, if embraced, would pose the greatest threat to the 
welfare of humanity?' That question was posed to eight prominent 
policy intellectuals by the editors of Foreign Policy in its 
September/October issue (not yet available online). One of the eight 
savants consulted was Francis Fukuyama, professor of international 
political economy at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International 
Studies, author of Our Posthuman Future: Consequences of the 
Biotechnology Revolution, and a member of the President's Council on 
Bioethics. His choice for the world's most dangerous idea? 

Transhumanism: The Most Dangerous Idea? 
Ronald Bailey 

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