[extropy-chat] urban sprawl as defense

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> --- Brett Paatsch <bpaatsch at bigpond.net.au> wrote:
> >
> > Chirac always had to deal with the POSSIBILITY that the militarily
> > powerful US President was not really operating in good faith. Or
> > that he was not going to strike a reasonable balance. As a permanent
> > security council member head Chirac did have a responsibility to
> > counterbalance an over-exuberance to go to war too readily on the
> > part of the US President.
> What about the possibility that the US became overexuberant in order to
> counterbalance Chirac's obstructionism?

I think I've shown how Bush could have used the media attention to
expose Chirac's obstructionism (if that was all it was -we have no way to
know now) by calling for a standard. Revealing Chirac as an obstructionist
would have been an outcome of that strategy if Chirac had not come up
with a standard.

Mike, people in any country can make mistakes. Chirac can, Bush can,
I can, you can. At the highest levels, at the head of state levels, the
that have to make judgement calls are still just people.

"My-country-right-or-wrong", as a policy, ends up hurting both those that
hold it, and their country.

C'mon Mike, get with the program. A part cannuck cannot really despise
*all* things French.  ;-)

Brett Paatsch

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