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Sat Aug 28 16:06:37 UTC 2004

--- Brett Paatsch <bpaatsch at bigpond.net.au> wrote:

> Mike Lorrey wrote:
> > Oh, and btw, there IS a way to remove a Security Council
> > member. We've done it once already, when in the early 70's
> > Taiwan was removed and Communist China was added. 
> > Until that time, the Nationalists had held that SC seat.
> Not one of the 5 PERMANENT Security Council members.
> Here is a link to the copy of the Charter. 
> http://www.un.org/aboutun/charter/index.html
> Chapter V   The Security Council - Composition
> Article 23 says:
> 1. The Security Council shall consist of  fifteen Members of
> the United Nations. The Republic of China, snip....

Brett, shows you weren't reading. The Republic of China is known as
Taiwan (ROC) (as in: Republic of China). The ROC was removed in the
1970's and the PRC, the People's Republic of China, was put in its
place on the Security Council.

> > The spanish speaking people of the world are unrepresented on
> > the SC. How about Spain, or Argentina, or Mexico? The african
> > people of the world are similarly unrepresented, how about South
> > Africa. India has a billion people, why is China on the SC and not
> > India? The muslim people of the world are 800 million strong. Why
> > isn't Saudi Arabia or Turkey on the SC?
> 10 non-permanent revolving security council member slots are
> available
> and are filled by the General Assembly voting member nations into
> them.
> China was a victorious WWII power. India only separated from
> Britain after WWII. 

India remained in the British Empire through WWII ONLY because a deal
had been struck, by Lord Mountbatten, Gandhi, Nehru (who was best of
friends with Lady Mountbatten), and others, to keep India in the empire
through the war (Mountbatten became the last Viceroy and oversaw the
handover of power and partitioning). India was as much an ally on the
victorious side as anybody, and it could easily be said it was the
BIGGEST ally in the war. It's value as a logistical base and source of
men and arms for the battle through Burma and supplying the Chinese
Nationalists and the forces under Gen. Claire Chenault in China was of
paramount importance for containing Japanese southeastern and eastern
expansionism. This prevented Japan from reaching and establishing a
greater sphere for industrial and logistical support of its war effort
on the continent and across the Pacific. The war in China kept them
bogged down long enough that the US could devote most of its efforts
toward the European fronts.

> > > Its like the no taxation without representation thing.
> > 
> > So sorry, but I don't recall ever being permitted to vote for a
> single
> > member of the UN General Assembly or the Security Council. Could
> you
> > please post an election schedule?
> It's not a club of citizens - its a club of nations. Your's has a
> particularly priviledged seat on it. Your personal capacity to
> influence it is not great but its a lot better than most one
> persons living in the world.  

At best we can influence which person gets to appoint the US ambassador
to the UN, as we vote for president. This is no different than
Britain's Parliament, or that of France.

> You have
> free speech rights in the US and you have a Bill of Rights.
>   Mike, you were born lucky.  

I was born to good parents, and to a family of people wise enough to
have gotten out of whatever hellhole they lived in to emigrate to the
US. No luck about it.

> The power of US citizens, should they choose to accept it, lies not
> in their single individual votes but in their power to speak out
> for things that are in their interest.   

It is not in our interest for France to hamstring the SC and thereby
eliminate the effectiveness of the UN to promote individual human

> > The UN does not represent mankind. It represents a club of legal
> > fictions intent on perpetuating their power over mankind. It is
> therefore
> > an anti-human institution and therefore an anti-transhuman
> institution.
> Fiction?  But its as legal real as the good will of people can make
> it. Including yours. 
> Anti-human?  Anti-transhuman? Which bits ?  Look at the preamble 
> ---
> "We the peoples of the United Nations

This was a document written by Alger Hiss, convicted spy for Stalin,
when he had influence and sway over all of US foreign policy under the
Roosevelt and Truman administrations. The use of the term "peoples" is
indicative. We don't use "peoples" in our Consitution, we use "people",
and its meaning there is specifically in reference to the rights and
powers of individual persons, NOT collective rights which are a fiction
of the world communist movement. "Peoples" indicates that only an
entire body politic has rights, not individuals.

This is evidenced by the fact that the UN is steadfastly attempting to
create a worldwide ban on the private ownership of firearms, which are
the only means by which individuals can resist state fascism without
massive loss of life.

We've seen the recent posting that Fukuyama has stated that
transhumanism is the worlds most dangerous idea. Well, here is my list
of the most dangerous people in the world:

George Soros
Andrew McKelvey
Bill McKibben
Jeremy Rifkin
Jerry Mander
Francis Fukuyama
Leon Kass
Khofi Annan
Teresa Heinz Kerry
Frank Lautenberg
Teddy Kennedy
Charlie Schumer
Diane Feinstein
Barbara Boxer
Richard Daley
Jaques Chirac
Osama bin Laden

The most dangerous groups:
Animal Liberation Front
Earth Liberation Front
The Ruckus Society
5th ComIntern
Americans for Gun Safety
The Brady Campaign
Million Mom March
National Chiefs of Police Association
Turning Point Project
among others...

Mike Lorrey
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It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves."
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