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--- Brett Paatsch <bpaatsch at> wrote:

> "J. Andrew Rogers" wrote:
> > On Aug 27, 2004, at 5:49 PM, Brett Paatsch wrote:
> > > If your going to have 5 permanent security council members
> > > I think you have to have the US, China and Russia's power and 
> > > populations give them a place, and the last two could be any 
> > > number of countries but the UK and France are as good as any
> > > other so far as I can see.
> > I think one could make a reasonable argument that one of the 
> > permanent European countries should be replaced by Japan, which
> > has a military, economy, and population that is at least as large
> or
> > larger than any of  them.  But there is the problem of appearances.
> That wouldn't be unreasonable, in theory, I accept that Japan or
> Germany might be as good or better than France, but there is no way
> within the UN Charter to remove an encumbent permanent security
> council member.

This just ISN'T TRUE, so please stop stating so. Resolution 2758 of the
United Nations is the main action taken by the UN which removed Taiwan
from the SC. Passed in 1971, Taiwan lost its seat in the United
Nations, and in the Security Council, to the People’s Republic of

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