[extropy-chat] Real Extropians don't drive SUVs

Patrick Wilken Patrick.Wilken at Nat.Uni-Magdeburg.DE
Sun Aug 29 17:33:07 UTC 2004

On 19 Aug 2004, at 04:53, Joseph S. Barrera III wrote:
> Well, the problem is that someone ELSE gave these power tools to
> these monkeys, and I'm here driving to work in a Honda del Sol
> hoping some monkey doesn't plot a course over my body.

I loved driving my old Honda del Sol around Los Angeles. I never minded 
the SUVs. I found it exhilarating darting around the feet those big 
dinosaurs with the roof off and the air whizzing past. An ancestral 
rush I guess...

I felt  lucky to be reminded of my mortality on a twice daily basis 
(even if this was only a small reminder). Driving as a forced mediation 
on the here-and-now is really great. Be grateful that you are awake to 
receive the message, while the masses drift by around you in a 
soporific haze. :)

Yes the risk of death is real. When isn't it? But that's also true for 
the folks in the SUVs. Personally, if I am risking death I would prefer 
to do in a fast red sports car with the roof off and the stereo up, 
than in a fat waddling SUV.

best, patrick

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