Born lucky ? (was Re: [extropy-chat] urban sprawl as defense)

KPJ kpj at
Tue Aug 31 06:04:21 UTC 2004

KPJ wrote:
|Which court would prosecute the United Nations for not following its charter?

It appears as if Brett Paatsch <bpaatsch at>:
|That sentence doesn't parse for me.  The United Nations is not a single
|sentience or a single consciousness its an organisation made up of member

Mea culpa.  I will rephrase the question as follows:

There exists a number of humans who use the power of deadly force to back
their control over some specific territory. Some 60 earth years ago, a number
of these humans decided to force other humans to fight in an event usually
called World War II.

After this event ended, those humans who made the other humans lose the
control of their territory ("the victors") decided to form an organization
with a written set of rules. They named the organization United Nations and
called the written rules a "charter".

According to these rules humans who represent the humans who rule over some
of specific territories shall meet, and humans representing some of these
rulers have more to say over the proceedings of the organization.

When the rulers of those territories decide that they do not want follow the
written rules of the organization, which humans in which courts would prosecute
them for not following those rules?

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I believe the rulers sending representatives to the Security Council to have
act as the ultimate court over matters of the organization.

If they decide to not follow the written rules, then that's that.

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