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> "KPJ" wrote:
> > Which court would prosecute the United Nations for not following
> its
> charter?
> That sentence doesn't parse for me.  The United Nations is not a
> single sentience or a single consciousness its an organisation made
> up of member nations.

It is also made up of a Court of International Law at the Hague.
Furthermore, the Hague Convention on Internation Service of Process
also seeks to apply US interstate principles of 'full faith and credit'
to serving process internationally, at least to some extent. Even
there, nations like Britain put up as many roadblocks to simple
discovery process as muslim countries put up roadblocks to single
American mothers getting their kids back from their kidnapping muslim

> I welcome criticisms of the UN.  To criticise it effectively will
> require understanding it and understanding it could be a very
> healthy thing.
> I don't claim to understand it completely - I just claim that it is
> worth
> understanding - that it makes sense to understand it if one wants to
> pursue what I understand to be extropic and transhumanist agendas
> effectively globally.

Understand that the Charter is only ONE document. Any UN Convention
treaty agreed to by the General Assembly and passed by the Security
Council effectively amends that Charter as much as it amends the
Constitution and laws of every member nation bound by said treaty. The
Land Mine Convention is one such treaty. The Small Arms Convention is
another possibility which will come into force if a Kerry
administration takes office.

If we in the US refuse to ratify said treaty to begin with, the
radicals all say that we 'broke' the treaty, when we never agreed to it
in the first place. You then make us out to be the bad guys, and try to
label us as pariahs. It's absolute bs, but typical agitprop.

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It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves."
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