4. Re: Born lucky ? (was Re: [extropy-chat] urban sprawl as

maya gingery mayagin at earthlink.net
Tue Aug 31 19:10:15 UTC 2004

IN reply:

If you are inferring that Clinton's and Kerry's support of dialogue 
directed toward making this world a safer place for EVERYONE is worse 
than Bush's catastrophic EGoWAR that is NOT making this world a safer 
place for ANYONE (say again, how much did Greece spend on security for 
the Olympics?), then I suggest you get off your pedestal and get some 
help for your paranoid delusions.  The world does not need people like 
you.  I suppose you think Abu Ghraib was just the boys and girls having 
some fun.  No problem with small arms down there!   Guns?  That's for 
wimps.  Let's do performance art!

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