[extropy-chat] idea for spam filitering

Spike spike66 at comcast.net
Sun Feb 1 18:41:07 UTC 2004

We currently filter spam by keywords in the subject
line or in the text, but how about this idea: the
receiver would filter the message if it did not contain 
the receiver's email @ somewhere in the text.  

One could add to the filter list the names of their 
chat groups, so that these chat groups would need 
to include their own names in the subject line or 
text, as extropy.org does.  That way one could still 
get messages from friends and chat groups, but
probably not from strangers.  

Question computer jockeys: since this strategy would
require all messages to be unique to get thru, would
that not stop at least unsophisticated spammers?  Would
it sufficiently burden the sending computer to modify 
each sent message and send each out separately?  I can 
imagine a script that would insert the @ into each message, 
but it would have its computing cost, would it not?  Or
could the spammers still bust this technique using zombies 
to generate the unique messages?  Has this already
been done?


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