Custom words (was RE: [extropy-chat] cryo cat)

Emlyn O'regan oregan.emlyn at
Tue Feb 3 04:14:39 UTC 2004

> Actually, there is one. A "tom" is an unaltered male. (One 
> that is "intact"
> or hasn't been neitered)
> A female equivalent is a "Queen". (I experimented with some 
> cat breeding
> about 10 years ago)
> I do understand your plight. I have never found a sufficient 
> word for that
> moment when you bite into a food such as pizza or a sandwich, 
> but part of
> one of the condiments doesn't get incised properly and it 
> comes sliding out
> of the food. At this point it hangs for just a moment before 
> gravity takes
> over and completes the cutting of the condiment so it now 
> drops onto your
> chin on its way down to your the floor, your lap, or the table.
> I have taken to calling this "slerbeling". My kids love the 
> word and use it
> at school often. One day it may make it to the Oxford 
> dictionary......Why
> not? Bling Bling did!

When I lived in a group house at uni, we used to not wash up quite as often
as might be advisable. So we'd end up with cups & plates around the place
with a layer of hard stuff in the bottom (eg: ever seen a full cup of tea
that has lived under someone's bed for 6 months?). We had so many of these,
I thought it needed a name. I was living with a writer at the time, who had
complained about there not being a rhyme for Orange (except for Porridge,
but that is soooo lame). So, I christened it "borange". A slimy plug of
gelled biological matter in the bottom of a cup or plate, formed over a
period of months from what was originally food or drink, is a borange.

Anyone got some more?


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