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> > But don't read more into the article than is actually there.
> > Clearly cryocat wasn't out in the -29 for any length
> > of time, but rather more likely he ran outta the house
> > with wet paws, which instantly froze, adhering the
> > hapless beast in place, thus the comment "found frozen
> > to the ground

That was my first guess, but this


makes it sound worse than chilled paws:

< In Duluth, Minn., people at the city's animal shelter were celebrating the
successful thawing of a 4-year-old gray tomcat found frozen to the ground
earlier this month on a night of 20-below cold.

Kelly Johnson had her doubts when the cat was first brought in, but her
loving care - wrapping him in warm towels straight from the dryer every two
hours - helped restore the cat to health.

"For about three days, he did not move,'' Johnson said.

Eventually the cat, christened "Frosty,'' regained his strength and charming
personality. >

Maybe crouched and stuck in ice, but presumably with some flicker of core
body heat.

Damien Broderick

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