[extropy-chat] cryo cat, morphed to language discussion

Spike spike66 at comcast.net
Tue Feb 3 06:30:05 UTC 2004

> Anders Sandberg

> In Sweden we instead have separate (and rather unusual words) 
> for these:  ...   Anders Sandberg

Helpful suggestions all, including (I think David
Lubkin's) word for female feline: queen.  This term
has of course been stolen long ago by the gay community, 
which would explain its non-use in reference to the cat.  

I have witnessed in recent times an attempt by the British
to steal the term "queen," to make it refer to a female 
monarch.  Isn't that odd?  We shall see if this attempt 
is successful, but I doubt that it will, for it seems so 
inherently paradoxical to have a female "queen".

Be that as it may, extropians know that for some time
my burden has been to figure out how to make written
language more understandable to a highly intelligent
but profoundly ignorant being, such as an AI.  As AIs
emerge, written text is the obvious way for AI to be
educated in the ways of their carbon counterparts.  ASCII
is information already in a form that can be directly
accessed by a machine.

Earlier I suggested writing in such a way as to
identify and eliminate ambiguity by specifying which
definition is intended when a word has several meanings.  
Now I take it a step further and suggest we start a 
collection somewhere, a website perhaps, that contains 
text that has been de-ambiguized.  The purpose of this 
text is to use as an education device when AI emerges, 
with the goal of causing the AI to be less puzzled and 
(we hope) more friendly towards humans.


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