[extropy-chat] and Moses stretched out his hand ..

scerir scerir at libero.it
Tue Feb 3 16:20:43 UTC 2004

The Avantguardian:

> Tripling the night? Well that's easy.
> Einstein's theories of time dilation hold the answer
> [...]

It seems that Zeus did not effect his union with Alcmena 
from the desire of love, sex, or beauty, but only for the sake 
of procreation. So, Zeus did not offer violence to her, nor 
attempted to persuade her chastity, but instead deceived her 
by assuming her husband's shape, thus giving legality to his 

Zeus increased the length of the night because the might of the 
child (Heracles-Hercules should defend the - immortal - Gods 
from the - mortal - Giants) was in relation to the time employed 
in its procreation.

So, I think Zeus manipulated a physical parameter, not just
his or her phychological state (Bergson's time). 

Btw, when Alcmena's (proper) husband was told, by Tiresias, that 
Zeus was the father of the latter, he never again slept with his 
wife for fear of the God's jealousy. It seems that Hera was insane 
with jealousy of Zeus' infidelity, and as a punishment she sent 
snakes to her, which were killed by the already strong baby 
Heracles-Hercules (... and this seems ok, to me). 

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