[extropy-chat] "VP" Summit - New pages on Website

Natasha Vita-More natasha at natasha.cc
Wed Feb 4 03:41:54 UTC 2004

Extropes and other trans:

We have been working on simplifying the interim Summit web pages and, of 
course, the Press Release.  The pages will change when the Summit commences 
because the format or infrastructure of the Summit will be online and these 
pages will then become reference pages.

Tomorrow I will add reading material, and this will also be announced in 
the upcoming Newsletter which will be delivered Wednesday evening, 2/4/04.

Thanks to everyone for your constructive criticism, and especially to 
Reason, Damien, Harvey, Max, Adrian, Robert, and Greg.


Natasha Vita-More
President, Extropy Institute  http://www.extropy.org
Founder, Transhumanist Arts & Culture  http://www.transhumanist.biz
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