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Kevin Freels kevinfreels at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 4 23:10:11 UTC 2004

This is a post froma different group I am a member of:

Today has been a critical day in the process of saving the Apollo
Launch Tower.

Wednesday may well be the last make-or-break day to rescue this
instantly-recognizable historic structure from final destruction.  
They start using cutting torches within the next day or so.

We need three things now, and I BEG everyone here to do ANYTHING they
can to help us:

1) Corporate Backing.

2) Money.

3) Publicity.

The primary goal for Wednesday is to get the Corporate Backing:

We have expedited our plans to approach the Smithsonian Institution
and the National Trust for Historic Preservation (NTHP).   The NTHP is
most important at this precise moment because we need to get the tower
re-listed on their renowned list of America's 11 Most Endangered
Historic Sites:


This tower is sure historic, and is very surely endangered right now.

After making contact on Tuesday I think we will get their support, but
you might like to help us by contacting them and let them know of your
personal support for this restoration effort:


Once we have an affiliation to a larger organisation, we can take that
backing to NASA and I believe that will be enough for them to put a
stay of execution on the disposal effort currently underway.

NASA's team dealing with the 'remedial disposal' project has responded
very favourably to my comments today and I believe we will have a very
positive response from them if we can just pull our plans together in
this extremely short time instead of the months we thought we had!

Regarding the Money:

We have a number of avenues for funding which we still need to chase
down, but we are still looking for even more.   If you know ANYBODY
who knows anybody with a fortune burning a hole in their wallet, and
an interest in the space program, pester them TODAY to get in contact
with us and remind them how urgent this is.

Give them my e-mail address:

ross.tierney AT savethelut.org (ross.tierney at savethelut.org)

And finally we need publicity:

We are trying to contact as many news agencies as we can to cover this
story and we encourage as many of you as possible to please call up
your local TV and radio stations and tell them.   Also let your local
newspaper know.

Jim McDade (the society's CEO) or myself can take press enquiries.

jim.mcdade AT savethelut.org (jim.mcdade at savethelut.org)

If you know anyone in the press - write to them as soon as you
possibly can today.   You can usually find their e-mail addresses
online in a few minutes by typing their name into Google.

We need many more signatures on the petition.   The Mars Society have
tonight very graciously agreed to help promote this campaign in this
moment of desperate need and they are writing to all their members
right now to inform them.   Also the National Association of Rocketry
have very kindly informed all of their chapters - many of whom are
also working hard to spread the word for us too.   And I thank every
person who is helping us with this effort.


Print off some of the pages from our website and stick it up in your
work's cafeteria to get people's attention.   It all helps and we need
every last bit of support right now.

We are working to get in contact with Ron Howard, Tom Hanks, James
Cameron and a number of other notable supporters of the space program
to get their support too.

If you know any more ways to contact these people (or others), now is
the time.   Wait until tomorrow and it could be too late.

We need everyone's support, and I thank every single one of you now
for supporting us this far.

Ross B Tierney
Chief Operating Officer
The Space Restoration Society
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